20100719 Release Notes

The goal for this release was primarily to provide new metadata for the corpus. A consequence has been an improvement in general quality of the entries of the corpus, as the computation of the metadata has provided an additional check on the contents.

This release added no new systems, but there are 95 new versions of 14 systems, giving a total of 495 versions overall of 100 systems, with 23 systems having more than one version.

New metadata is being added. The documentation is changing to describe this new metadata. All new metadata documentation can be found here. This affects the overall organisation and the the system version structure.
System name change: "Vuze" -> "Azureus"
The developers of Azureus have decided to change its name to "Vuze". However, many of the Java files (more than 2000 out of probably no more than 3000 total) are identical between versions, so it seems there is no significant structural change due to the renaming. We will continue to use 'azureus' in the corpus. The version numbering continues as well, so using the old name will not lead to problems in this respect. The fullname property has the name "vuse".
Added systems
No new systems have been added.
Added versions
antlr-3.0 antlr-3.0.1 antlr-3.1 antlr-3.1.1 antlr-3.1.2 antlr-3.1.3 antlr-3.2
argouml-0.26 argouml-0.26.2 argouml-0.28 argouml-0.28.1 argouml-0.30
azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus-
eclipse_SDK-3.4 eclipse_SDK-3.4.2 eclipse_SDK-3.5 eclipse_SDK-3.5.1 eclipse_SDK-3.5.2 eclipse_SDK-3.5.2-rc3 eclipse_SDK-3.5.2-rc4 eclipse_SDK-3.6-m1 eclipse_SDK-3.6-m2 eclipse_SDK-3.6-m3 eclipse_SDK-3.6-m4 eclipse_SDK-3.6-m5 eclipse_SDK-3.6-m6 eclipse_SDK-3.6
freecol-0.8.0 freecol-0.8.1 freecol-0.8.2 freecol-0.8.3 freecol-0.8.4 freecol-0.9.0 freecol-0.9.1 freecol-0.9.2
hibernate-3.2.7-ga hibernate-3.3.2-ga hibernate-3.5.0-beta-1 hibernate-3.5.0-beta-2 hibernate-3.5.0-beta-3 hibernate-3.5.0-beta-4 hibernate-3.5.0-cr-1 hibernate-3.5.0-cr-2 hibernate-3.5.3-final
jgraph- jgraph-
jhotdraw-5.4.1 jhotdraw-5.4.2 jhotdraw-6.0.1
jmeter-2.3.3 jmeter-2.3.4
jung-2.0 jung-2.0.1
junit-4.6 junit-4.7 junit-4.8 junit-4.8.1
lucene-1.9.1 lucene-1.9-final lucene-1.9-rc1 lucene-2.0.0 lucene-2.1.0 lucene-2.2.0 lucene-2.3.0 lucene-2.3.1 lucene-2.3.2 lucene-2.4.0 lucene-2.4.1 lucene-2.9.0 lucene-2.9.1 lucene-2.9.2 lucene-3.0.0 lucene-3.0.1
weka-3.6.0 weka-3.6.1 weka-3.6.2 weka-3.7.0 weka-3.7.1
Checked source
With the change in the metadata, this is no longer relevant and will be removed in the next release.
Changed properties
The domain field in each .properties file has been updated to only use a set of predefined values. The old domain values have been appended to the notes field.
Changed install
Changed src
The source code for the following systems are now unpacked from second level jar archives. Previously, these archives were left packed.
Changed docs
A new criterion (most recent versions are final) has been added (and the criteria discussion has been tidied a little). New documentation for the new metadata (and relevant software), and changes to other parts of documentation impacted by this change. Various tidying.
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