Qualitas Corpus Contents Licenses

The metadata includes information regarding what license the sysver (usually referring to the source distribution) is released under. However no guarantee can be made regarding the accuracy of this information.

For most of the sysvers, the license they are distributed under is clear, but there are some (maybe as much as 10%) where it is not clear. There is also the possibility that what is recorded is wrong because the sheer volume of data could mean that mistakes were made or what's given is not complete. Examples of such issues are given below. There are also some cases where the information is not available.

The information provided is a string that is believed to identify the relevant license, and a location that contains that string. Part of the corpus release process is to confirm that, where the location is a file in the sysver distribution, that the specified file contains the specified string. However it is possible that the wrong file was specified, or that there is no such file.

Examples of possible issues in this information are:


Most sysvers had some license information provided, but there were still a few gaps, and the possibility that some information was wrong.
Some license information was added with this release but it was very incomplete and the information provided was inconsistent (in that often different license information for different sysvers was given).